Runway Wrap-Up: PFW Spring 2017 Couture

You know when you go to the store and you see a movie on sale that you wanted to see in the theaters and hadn’t realized you missed already, and although you would have much rather seen the film on the big screen you settle for the DVD or the Blu-Ray or whatever? That’s how I feel about Fashion Week(s) coverage. I would much rather be there but I know that for me, a mere 22 year old college student, that is a wildly unrealistic expectation. I generally like to keep myself in tune with reality (a statement that seems rather funny coming from a girl who has literally described a brand of balsamic vinegar to be “life changing”) so I just settle for pictures and write-ups.

Since Vogue doesn’t function like an Instagram feed and I can’t scroll through and like my favorite looks, I decided to catalog some of them from the designers I thought had the strongest showing. And since I’m apparently so confident in my own taste, I decided to share my picks with you guys. . .the world, or at least a very very very very very small fraction of it.

Alexandre Vauthier

Never disappoints. Couture meets Ready-To-Wear. Clothes made to stunt on everyone around you. Any one of his looks would make you feel like you are that bitch. Nothing else needs to be said. View full collection.




Magic. This metallic and pastel feather story has me starry eyed. And the mirrored runway concept is just beyond beautiful. View full collection.



Christian Dior

The personification of a long sigh. My midsummer night’s dream on a high. View full collection.



Elie Saab

I love Elie Saab so much. I’m convinced that this man can do no wrong. Picking my favorites from this collection gave me the most trouble and it took all the willpower I have in me to not just post every single one of his looks. View full collection.



Giambattista Valli

Interesting and beautiful. The detail. The Embroidery. The Beading. Etc. Just Everything. View full collection.



Maison Margiela

ART. Pure art. I mean come one, do you see that coat in the last picture? I’ve been looking at it for about three days and I still don’t understand how it’s even possible. . .THAT FACE! A stunning example of fashion being so much MORE THAN JUST CLOTHES. View full collection.



Ralph & Russo

This. Is. Dreamy. Just sooooo dreeeaammmmmmyyy. View full collection.



Rami Kadi

This guy. . . THIS GUY!!!! Rami is so good that it makes me sick. Every collection he’s ever presented has been so incredible that you honestly just have to see them for yourself. His SS17 Couture collection is like something straight out of my sticker book fantasies. View full collection.




THE BOOTS! The color, pattern, and texture range in this collection is everything I want. That pink bomber jacket, multi-patterned dress, and powder blue boots combination. . . This is Lizzie McGuire in 2017 as a world traveler. View full collection.



These were just a very few of my hard-decided favorites from this season’s couture week, and there are still so many looks that I left out but am in love with. Honestly, giving myself a six look maximum turned out to be a really masochistic decision, so you guys better love me for considering you and the amount of time/attention you would be willing to devote to reading this post because, let me tell you, this easily could’ve been a lot longer than it is.

Anyway, if you know me, you know that I really love clothes. So this post was endlessly enjoyable for me to put together. And while it is important that I enjoyed myself while writing it, it’s even more important that you enjoyed yourself while reading it! I hope this post was a lighthearted reminder of some of the beautiful things and minds that still exist in the world.

Too deep too suddenly? I don’t know.



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