My February Playlist

If you ever see me out and about, there’s an 87% chance that I have headphones in my ears. If you’ve caught me out and about this February, there’s a 97% chance that I’m listening to one of these songs. While I pride myself on listening to a variety of music on the daily, there are always a couple songs that I have to listen to at least once a day. And this month, these are the songs that I can’t get enough of. So without further ado, here’s a short but sweet post about my February playlist.

Shape of You by: Ed Sheeran

I’ve been checking my watch for a looooooooong time waiting for Ed Sheehan to finally release new music, so when he hit us with the drop of two songs at once early this year I. . . well I was pleased. This song is honestly a bop and proof that Ed can do no wrong. Musical genius.

Jump by: Skylar Grey

This song is cool. If you made a movie and the characters decided to have a seance to get the popular boy to like the main character, this is the song that would be playing. But like, in the best way possible.

Judas by: BANKS

Okay, so I’m actually always listening to Banks, like always. I guarantee you that there will always be a Banks song on any playlist that I do because she is a Goddess (buy Goddess, available on iTunes) and we are not worthy of her and I like to exploit the fact that this Earth somehow got lucky enough to have her by listening to her non-stop. ANYWAY, this song is a dark, bassey lament about a being betrayed by a lover, fun!

Redbone by: Childish Gambino

ugghhhhhhh, Donald Glover. . . a comment on a youtube video of him performing this song said, and I quote





And honestly, yes. I can’t explain this song, you just have to listen to it.

Coconuts by: Anna Wise

Okay, so this video is a little weird, but the song is great, I promise. The production is really interesting and reminds me of someone from the future playing an 80s video game in a jazz club.

I have no idea what coconuts have to do with it.

Electric by: Alina Baraz featuring Khalid

I’ve been a fan of Alina for a minute and let me tell you, her voice is the sonic equivalent of the word smooth. This is what they mean when they say “like butter.” This song is just so soothing and it feels like dipping your feet in a cool pool on a hot day and going “ahhhhhh.”

Keep On by: Kehlani

BEST SONG OF 2017. That’s it.

So Good by: Zara Larsson featuring Ty Dolla $ign

If you’re not listening to Zara Larsson, you should be. She’s everything that I want in a pop star: look, voice, and she’s such a lil badass. She’s younger than me and still way cooler than I am, and I resent that but I love her anyway. (Ty Dolla $ign kinda ruins the song but you should listen anyway).

Here’s a playlist of all the songs compiled and tied up with a bow for your.


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