Runway Wrap-Up: MFW Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

As Alyssa Edwards would say, I’m back back back back back again, giving you a dose of what’s happenin’. . .at Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear Fashion Week, this time from Milan!

I skipped posting about London and Paris fashion week and I’ve got to say, I missed picking out all my favorites and commenting on them. So, I’m bringing the fashion week talk back while I still can.


Just such a simple and beautiful collection that made AMAZING use of sequins and sparkly things. I would like a Blumarine sweater in every color, please and thank you. Also, they interacted with me on twitter so now I feel some type of way and I basically think I’ve been chosen as their muse. Yeah, that’s probably true. . .(can you hear my sarcasm?) View full collection.


Ermanno Scervino

I’m pretty much in love with that blue coat and those turtleneck sweaters. I absolutely love the combination of powder blue and red-orange and this collection was giving me EVERYTHING I needed in terms of layering and, um, hello, thigh high boots. YES. View full collection. 


Fausto Puglisi

THE HATS in this collection are everything. And I love the embroidery and the sunburst motif that’s running throughout all the looks (ESPECIALLY THE NECKLACES). This is like if Rapunzel had Mother Gothel’s evil tendencies and was a rebellious teenager who wanted to go on tour with her boyfriend’s band. And I’m here for it 100%. View full collection. 



Okay, before I even talk about the clothes I would like to bring up that the floor in these photos is completely fur and if that combined with the Rococo walls isn’t a bougie dream I don’t know what is. ANYWAY, The silhouettes and color palette of this collection is so appealing, and I love their use of print. And the shoes are giving me Christina Aguilera in “Can’t Hold Us Down” vibes. A+ View full collection.


Luisa Beccaria

These flower textiles are so magical. I meannnn, just LOOK at that dress with the veil, *sigh* That deep red, velvet gown is drop dead gorgeous and I feel like I should be a princess with a dirty secret so that I can wear these gown. . .because honestly, that seems like the ideal occasion. View full collection.



Moschino is one of my favorite fashion houses because they never take themselves too seriously. Once again Jeremy Scott + Moschino have managed to make something weird and wonderful at the same time. Packing tape and bubble wrap isn’t the most realistic thing to make clothes out of but somehow it still ended up looking really cool. Pls explain to me how that’s possible? I’ll wait. View full collection.


Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

The definition of saving the best for last: THIS COLLECTION.

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I LOVE every single look in this collection. The atmosphere: everything. The textile choice: everything. The color story: everything. THE STYLING: everything.

Every. Single. Piece. in this collection NEEDS to be in my wardrobe (but probably never will be — moment of silence for my Dreams di Lorenzo Serafini). View full collection.



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