So Fresh & So Clean: My March Moodboard

It’s the first day of March which means it’s the first month of spring which means the cold weather is *hopefully a thing of the past.

I mean, thank God for spring, am I right ladies?

If you’re following me on instagram and you’ve seen the pictures that I’ve been posting, then it’ll be no surprise to you that I’m feeling crisp and clean vibes for this spring.

*I say hopefully because Texas has it’s own idea of what the weather should be and when, so it’s entirely possible that when Spring calls Texas will pull a “new phone, who dis?” on us all.

I totally envision myself stocking my wardrobe with cool blues, crisp whites, and metallics this season. March is gonna be all about mid/light washed denim and metallic/white booties in my mind. I’m really looking forward to (finally) wearing a certain pair of all white booties that I got from a thrift store a couple months ago. (I bought them a size too big but that’s minor details; fashion over function, right?)

March Mini Wishlist


White Top | Boots | Jeans | Blue Bodysuit

March Soundtrack

Songs that are currently putting me in the mood for March.


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