How To Style: Bell Sleeves

One of my favorite trends for this spring is bell sleeves. Long, short, ruffled, flowy, structured, simple, extreme, I like them all. I’ve recently been obsessing over them on instagram and scouring the web for the perfect bell sleeve top that’s uh, *cough cough* in my price range. Somewhere in-between the euphoria and frustration, I decided that they would be a perfect topic for my next blog post.

And here we are!

I popped on over to polyvore, one of my favorite websites ever, and put together some looks incorporating the coveted bell sleeve.


Shop exacts: View on Polyvore

Shop similars: Ruffle SweaterJeansSilver Boots | Bag | Pom Pom Keychain

Why it works: Knit is a really casual fabric, so pairing this sweater with something equally as casual, like these frayed jeans, is the perfect combination. Usually people will tell you that if you’re going with something loose on the top, you should pick something fitted on the bottom, but that’s not always the case. Because these jeans are high-waisted, they’ll pull you in at your torso and let you wear a wide sleeve and a wide leg without looking like a straight up box.

Where I’d wear it: Out shopping or grabbing lunch with my family


Shop exacts: View on Polyvore

Shop similars: Top | Skirt | Shoes 1/2 | Choker | Bag

Why it works: These sleeves are extravagantly long, which is incredible, but because they’re so extra, it’s a good idea to keep everything else streamlined. Hence the form fitting skirt, simple choker, and simple heels. All black is always a good decision and the crystal and silver elements make this outfit look super swanky while still looking really cool.

Where I’d wear it: On a night out with The Girls™ whether that’s just a dinner that we wanna look cute for or going downtown. Either way, I’d have to make a mental note not to drape my sleeves in everything, and probably put all my friends on sleeve watch, but it’d be worth it.



Shop exacts: View on Polyvore

Shop similars: Dress | Shoes | Bag | Hat | Glasses

Why it works: This one is pretty simple. The colors are basic and go well together, classic styles and silhouettes, pretty much no way this could go wrong. Remember how I brought up casual fabrics before? Well this dress is made from a really tightly/small knit fabric too. Aka, a casual fabric. So these platform lace-up shoes and cute beret don’t look out of place paired with a dress.

Where I’d wear it: Somewhere casual, like a birthday brunch or even the movies because, let’s be honest, I’m that girl.


Shop exacts: View on Polyvore

Shop similars: Dress | Shoes | Bag | Necktie

*the ‘similar’ dress for this look is the least similar of them all. I did my best, but it was impossible to find a near replica of this Elie Saab dress.

Why it works: First off, the dress is just flat out beautiful, so it would be kind of hard to look bad while wearing this. This dress definitely does all the hard work for you. It established your color pallet and does all the talking. From there, it’s just about picking simple pieces that will compliment the dress while still allowing it to stand out, which is exactly what the simple shoes, small bag, and dainty headband do. And yeah, this outfit has hearts and stars and polka dots in it all at the same time. Some may say that’s a fashion faux pas, but . . . you only live once so have fun!

Where I’d wear it: Somewhere really nice like a fancy dinner or a holiday party, or some kind of banquet they you (are forced to) go to for your college organization.


Shop exacts: View on Polyvore

Shop similars: Shorts | Boots | JacketBackpack

Why it works: The mid-light wash of these denim shorts it the perfect contrasting/complementing force to the rich mustard colored top, and their imperfect raw edge helps to balance out the frilliness of the bell sleeves. The same goes for the bomber jacket that tilts away from feminine. And then the boots and the backpack are just really chic, and their muted tone adds another color into this look without clashing with the stand-out yellow.

Where I’d wear it: Somewhere where I’d be spending a full day outside and have to be prepared for both some sun and some breeze, like a music festival or to the actual rodeo maybe.

*Note: any items I didn’t provide links to similar pieces for were already affordable. If you want to find them, click the ‘View on Polyvore’ link to see direct shop links.


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