Runway Wrap-Up: PFW Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

The time has come once again for me to talk about my fashion week picks, this time from Paris Ready-To-Wear fashion week.

This blog post is bitter sweet to me, because it marks the end of the F/W Ready-To-Wear showings. Bitter because it’s the end, but sweet because, honestly, these posts are A LOT of work to put together. (And I’m well aware that you guys may or may not be tired of me going on and on about fashion shows.) That being said, I have enjoyed my daily catch ups on all the runway shows and sharing my opinions with you guys, but I’m ready to move on and give the fashion week talk a rest. . .well. . .at least until September.

Alexandre Vauthier

This collection was really similar to his S/S Couture one (he even recycled some of the same pieces) and I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda disappointed by that. But. . .I still LOVED everything in the collection so I guess it really didn’t disappoint me that much. Color blocking in this collection is masterful and I will honestly never stop thinking about that look with the white collard shirt and the white skirt. EVERYTHING.  View full collection. 


Alexis Mabille

I am 100% on board with his take on the t-shirt dress using dress shirts instead. They’re like the t-shirt dress if it grew up and got its shit together and that’s kind of inspiring to me, a girl who will soon graduate college and will be in desperate need of getting her shit together. I’m also so into the textile choices here and THE BOOTS (seriously that gold boot and light blue dress with the huge gold necklace combo is dreamy)! View full collection.



Okay, I was really surprised with this collection but in the best way possible. It was pretty far removed from what I’ve come to expect from Balmain, especially with the use of t-shirts, which I loved but ironically did not include in my top six looks. For some reason, I feel like this collection is the equivalent to Sandy’s transformation in Grease. I really don’t know why I think that but I’m here for it.  I would also trade my whole wardrobe for that second outfit.  View full collection.



Give me an oversized coat or sweater and I’m a happy girl. There’s something nostalgic about this collection and I feel like it’s a mix of Hayley and Alexia Wheaton from Wish Upon A Star (which, by the way, you should watch if you haven’t seen). So, yeah, pretty much perfect. View full collection.


Elie Saab

Oh man, I don’t even know what to say. Elie is spectacular. I’m in love with the embellished leather jackets and this whole color pallet is, as Lizzie Mcguire once sung, what dreams are made of. And the sleeve accents truly have me like *heart eyes emoji* View full collection.


Fenty x Puma

I mean. . . . .Rihanna can do NO wrong (I had to fight every impulse in me to not put her look from the show as one of my top six). This collection is just cool. The way it’s layered is cool, the way all the sleeves are exaggerated is cool, the color combinations are cool, and of course THE STYLING is just sooo cool. When will Rihanna stop? HOPEFULLY NEVER. View full collection. 



Nice, clean, and fresh. Simple collection but still really beautiful. This collection is like your pallet cleanser. View full collection.



Look, I’m ashamed to admit this, but this is actually the first time I’ve heard of Off-White. Idk where I’ve been or why I’ve been skipping over this designer but I’m legit mad at myself for being so clueless. Everything in this collection was so wearable and simple but would also 100% make you look like your level of style is unattainable. And, honestly, that’s what I strive for.  View full collection.


Saint Laurent

Of course, Saint Laurent came through with a collection that looks like it’s made for a rock star. They always do such great things with black and embroidery/embellishment. There was a whole section of this collection that was bejeweled and truly awe inspiring. And that shiny blue fabric makes my Zenon heart skip a beat. View full collection. 


Valentin Yudashkin

LOVE his use of pinstripes throughout this collection and how he just took simple silhouettes and/or patterns and fabrics and made them so much cooler. That pinstripe suit and tube top combo is A LOOK and that shiny silver dress made out of whatever kind of space fabric it’s made out of is mesmerizing. View full collection.



Everything in this collection was so dramatically oversized (though you won’t be able to tell that from just looking at my picks here) it was brilliant. All the models looked so smol it was kinda humorous and yet really interesting conceptually. On another note, those Posh Spice, wrap up the thigh heels are PERFECTION. View full collection.



6 thoughts on “Runway Wrap-Up: PFW Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

  1. ciarralorren says:

    Che bellissima! Sono innamorata con tutte le sfilate di Paris Fashion Week specialmente Balmain, Elie Saab e Saint Laurent. Io adoro gli stivali della collezione di Saint Laurent 😍😍! Ma la mia sfilata preferita era quella di Chanel! La mostra era perfetta come sempre!!!


    • christyexplainsitall says:

      Grazie! Si, la sfilata di Chanel era fantastico. Mi piace gli stivali di. . .glitter. Haha, non sicuro come dire glitter in Italiano. Penso la mia collezione preferita era la collezione della Alexis Mabille ma mi piace tutti la collezione. Non ho posso scegliere una favorito completo. Inoltre, il mio verbo e articolo accordo e molto male. So farò errori.

      Liked by 2 people

      • ciarralorren says:

        Non ti preoccupare!! Tutto è va bene con me! Io non so anche come se dice “glitter” in italiano ma questi sono gli stivali che io adoro!! Sono bellissime 😍! Ma non ho visto la collezione di Alexis mabille! Devo esplorare sull’internet subito!

        Liked by 1 person

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