Closet Consideration | no. 1

The most important fashion skill that anyone can have is the ability to consider their closet.

What I mean by that is the ability to look through all of the items in your closet and think about all the ways you can utilize them without having to go out and buy new pieces. This is especially important if you, like me, are in college and on a budget that doesn’t really allow you to go and buy something new whenever you’re feeling bored of everything you have. Instead, you’ve got to be creative.

I’ve said it before, but it can be easy to find yourself falling into the trap of recreating the same outfit every time you want to wear a specific item of clothing. Don’t get me wrong, having go-to outfits isn’t a bad thing. We all have them. And it’s nice to have a couple of outfits that you know you’ll look and feel great in whenever you need to. But don’t forget to mix things up every once in a while. It keeps ya young.

To show you guys exactly what I mean, I put together five different looks using the same exact cutoff sweater.

Nothing But Net

Fishnets have been everywhere recently, and in my opinion, one of the coolest ways to wear the trend is peaking out under a crop top. This look is actually a culmination of a bunch of things that are super on trend right now: fishnets, denim skirts, those skin tight booties, and of course chokers. But if you can manage to incorporate trends in more than one way, then it’ll be way easier for you to rationalize spending money on new pieces everytime a new trend catches your eye 😏

Shop similar: Sweater | Fishnet Top | Denim Skirt | Boots | Fishnet Choker

Sneaker Night

This is a look for the nights that you want to go out but don’t feel like committing to heals. Layering your favorite dress under the sweater transforms it into a skirt and doubles it’s use. The sneakers add a casual and semi-grungy feel while the necklace and luxe looking bag make sure that this comfy outfit is nighttime ready. 

Shop similar: Slip Dress | Vans | Box Purse | Necklace

Dangerous Woman

Okay, so I saw these pants and immediately thought of Ariana Grande’s recent style renovation. And since I love Ari, I knew I had to use them in one of the outfits. These pants are EVERYTHING and definitely something that are going to stand out, and my advice would be to LET THEM by pairing them with some understated heels, a black clutch, and just a good ol’ pair of statement earrings.

Shop similar: Wide Leg Pants | Clear Heels | Black Clutch | Statement Earrings

Take It Easy

First of all, those rose gold Adidas are EVERYTHING. I need them in my closet yesterday. This is just a chill outfit for the days you want to be on your fashion and relaxation tip at the same time. You can’t really go wrong with a good pair of distressed jeans and a classic satchel bag. This outfit is effortless and stylish at the same time, a winning combination.

Shop similar: Distressed Jeans | Adidas | Purse | Choker

Going For The Gold

Last, but not least, this outfit features one of my favorite accessories: that gold chain belt. This look is also the simplest and lowest maintenance look since it’s pretty much just a pair of denim shirts. But it just goes to show that it’s possible to dress this cutoff sweater all the way up or all the way down. Also those worn-looking gold boots are so cool and totally remind me of something I would see in Saint Laurent.

Shop Similar: Denim Shorts | Gold Boots | Chain Belt


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