My March Playlist

Green Light by: Lorde

The way I describe this song, to pretty much anyone who will listen, is rejuvenating. I’m so happy to have Lorde back in the business of putting out music after almost FIVE YEARS. Green Light is everything a pop song should be. This song and the music video just make you feel clean and happy and ready to keep on pursuing that happiness.

Pretty Girl: Hayley Kiyoko

I’ve been listening to Hayley Kiyoko for a minute, and she honestly doesn’t get the credit that she deserves. Anyway, one of my favorite songs by her is Pretty Girl. It’s a really cool and bassy song about and her vocals on the chorus are pretty dreamy. Fun fact(s) about Hayley: she used to act on Disney Channel and before that used to be in a girl group with Tinashe, totally random.

TG4M by: Zara Larsson

Some people think March is important because Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day but no, it’s important because Zara Larsson’s album came out. TG4M is quite literally a bop and will have you bopping your head along to it. The pre-chorus is so cute and musically interesting and it’s just a really good song okay? Just take my word for it.

Dancin’ In Circles by: Lady Gaga

One of my favorite songs off of Joanne. Gives me Fame Monster vibes and I’m here for it.

Dive by: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s album also came out this month (March has just been a really good month for music) and Dive is a perfect example of why I love Ed Sheeran so much. He gives you lyrics, he gives you stripped down production, he gives you VOCALS. This is the quintessential Ed Sheeran song and is 100% worth a listen.

That’s What I Like by: Bruno Mars

I’m obsessed with this song. I heard it for the first time on the Grammy’s and was mesmerized by Bruno saying “lucky for you that’s what I like, that’s what I like,” with a swag that only he can. That’s What I Like is just so catchy and vocally wonderful which, honestly, is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Bruno. The video is sooo good too and it’s really creative. Plus he shouts out Puerto Rico in the song too, and that makes me feel like he’s talking to me.

FWU by: Kehlani

The fact that this song came out in 2014 and I’m just now listening to it legit makes me upset. I don’t know where I was when this was happening but I must’ve been dead asleep and I’ll never forgive myself. FWU honestly has one of my favorite choruses, possibly ever. You need to listen to this song.

Symphony by: Clean Bandit (feat. Zara Larsson)

Zara gets a second spot on this playlist because THIS. IS. A. SONG.

Like the name suggests, the song is symphonic and melodic (lol I feel like I sound like that one Mary J. Blige song with that description). The production of this song is just stunning and Zara’s voice sounds perfect on it. And the video is beautiful and heartbreaking.


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