My April Playlist

April was a whirlwind of a month. It really just flew right by me and posting on my blog kind of took a back seat to everything else that was going on. Part of me feels bad about this, and is a lil bit disappointed in myself, but another part of me realizes that sometimes that’s just life.

Anyway, before we take on May, I wanted to take some time out to share my April playlist with you guys šŸ˜Š

Crowded Places By: Banks

Ah, new Banks always makes my heart happy.

This is the dark, brooding, angelic voiced Banks that I fell in love with so many years ago, and even though I always love everything she does, it’s so so nice to hear something reminiscent of her earlier work. She’s just the best and everyone should be listening to and watching what she’s doing cause she’s honestly on another level.

Liability By: Lorde

This song is just gorgeous. It’s stunningly and so truthfully written (these lyrics will knock you out), and the minimalist production really just lets you focus on the feeling that is woven so beautifully into this song.

The two songs that Lorde has released from her upcomingĀ album have been SO GOOD and I seriously can not wait to hear the rest of it.

Sing Of The Times By: Harry Styles


In case you didn’t know (which, unless you know me in real life, you probably didn’t because I’ve never talked about it on my blogĀ before), I’m a Harry Styles stan. I love this guy x1000000000 and I was SOOOOO ready forĀ this solo careerĀ because, honestly, he’s the only member of One Direction I care about anymore.

The vocals are STRONG and the song itself is such a calm vibe. Plus it’s like 5 minutes long and I love that his debut single is just extra long.

Thinking Of You By: Mabel

S/O to my friend Jordan for making me listen to this song.

It’s got a serious throwback sound and parts of it remind me of 2004 Jojo which is never a bad thing. This is the perfect song to blast in the car with your friends and just enjoy all summer long.

Be The One By: Dua Lipa

This girl is so cool and all her songs are so good.

Just listen to it and then go listen to all her other stuff on Spotify.

You’re welcome.

I Want You By: Marian Hill

So, I’ve been listening to Marian Hill for a pretty long time, and I was so obsessed with their Sway EP that I kind of completely missed their album drop last year. If I’m being completely honest, I think a lot of their songs have started to sound too similar for my liking (idk, maybe I need to listen to the album a few more times) but I Want You was a stand out for me. It’s just a really fun, upbeat song with cool production to enjoy.

Some Mistakes By: Anna Wise

I’ve featured Anna Wise on one of my other playlists and if you’re not listening to her by now you definitely should be. This song is like 70s disco magic in 2017 and I predict that it’s going to by MY SONG all summer.

Bring Night By: Sia

I know Sia is super famous, but I still think she’s pretty underrated.

This song is so catchy, I guarantee you that you will be singing it all day after only hearing it once, AND it’s gonna put you in a great mood.

Plus IĀ had to search long and hard (with the help of my lil sis and her bff, a Sia super fan) to find this song as I could only remember half of the one line chorus, so please enjoy the fruits of my labor.


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