I’ve Got Some ‘Splaining To Do

Where have I been?


Hey guys! It’s me again.

I feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot lately for my lack of posts on here. My blog would be inactive for two whole weeks and the I’d appear again with a new post in which I would say that I was sorry for not posting in a long time and I’d claim to be back, and then I’d disappear once more for another couple of weeks. It’s a cycle I never really intended to fall into but found myself in none the less.

When I started this blog several months ago, I had every intention of posting weekly, if not multiple times a week. I really wanted to be consistent, and I achieved that for the first few months of Christy Explains It All‘s existence. Of course, there was a lot of trial and error, I had to learn the hard way that one post didn’t feel like enough and maybe three posts was a bit ambitious, especially when combined with school and maintaining some shrivel of a social life. But beyond the pride and disappointment I felt when I went above and beyond or didn’t do enough by my own standards, I was posting several times a month, and that was good enough for me. That is, until April came around and everything got a little bit crazier.

For those of you that might not know, I started Christy Explains It All during my last semester of college and right now, as I write and publish this post, I am now a college grad! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best student ever. I usually only study the day before a test, and I rarely did the reading I was supposed to. I majored in English, which meant most of my assignments were essays and since I’m a writer by nature, it was usually pretty easy for me to make it look like I knew what I was talking about. So, I was used to spending a fraction of my time on school work which left me free to work on my blog a lot, and even write for other websites, during the week. But, as I neared graduation I was pretty much overrun with projects and super long essays due back to back and it was chaos* and I actually had to focus on that stuff (and, you know, having some kind of social life so that I didn’t go crazy). That combined with some really sucky life stuff that I had to work through meant that I kind of had to step away from my blog for a bit.

It sucked, and I felt bad about it every day I didn’t post on here because writing for my blog and putting together the posts is genuinely something that I enjoy and always make me feel accomplished. But that’s all in the past now, and when I tell you I’m back now, I really am back this time!

I’m currently enjoying the last super-long summer vacation I will probably ever get in my entire life, which means that I’ll have nothing but time to dedicate to posting a lot on here. I already have so many things and ideas planned that I’m excited for, but before I jump back into it I wanted to take the time out to talk to you guys about why I was gone for so long. There’s nothing wrong, I’m not quitting blogging or losing my passion for it, I just got really really really busy with something that I had to focus on first (graduating college).

Hopefully you guys understand, and I hope you’re ready to be hearing a lot more from me very soon 😊

TLDR: I got really busy with school and life events and I had to take a break from my blog but it’s summer now and I really am back!

Thanks for being so cool,

*that might be a slight exaggeration. . .

P.S. I redid the front page of my blog and would love to know what you guys think about it so leave me a comment and let me know ✨


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