My May Playlist

This month’s playlist is a little bit different than usual because I’ve put a record three songs by the same artist from the same album on it. To you, this probably seems insignificant and like a stupid thing to point out, but I usually pride myself on having playlists that aren’t redundant. That being said, Paramore’s new album came out this month and I’ve pretty much been listening to it non stop. So rather than giving you guys a playlist shorter than the usual length of my monthly playlists, I decided to add multiple songs from Paramore’s album, After Laughter, because I’m seriously feeling so many* of them. In this case, it wasn’t an issue of quality over quantity (because all the songs off After Laughter are so good, a comment I’m sure I will repeat in the rest of this post), so I decided to throw caution to the wind and add multiple songs from the same album and give you guys a full length playlist!


I hope you enjoy it 😊

Rose-Colored Boy By: Paramore

Okay, so After Laughter might actually be my favorite Paramore album to date. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a mega fan of (and now, I guess, nostalgic for) emo-Paramore, but this album is just so sooo good. I just really connect with this album and I feel like it’s exactly the soundtrack I need at this point in my life (read: I just graduated college and idk what to do with my life and growing up is weird).

This song is a really cute and upbeat jam about pessimism, which any longtime Paramore fan will appreciate. Plus, this song has one of the catchiest hooks I’ve ever heard and you’ll probably catch yourself chanting “low-key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather” over and over again throughout the day.

The Cure By: Lady Gaga

If you haven’t listened to Lady Gaga’s most recent release a.) what have you been doing? and b.) here’s what you need to know about it

  1. She premiered it last month* at Coachella and it was kind of a big deal
  2. It’s the exact opposite of her Joanne sound
  3. You will fall in love with it

*this song would’ve and should’ve been on my April playlist, but I had already created my playlist by the time this song was released online

Bad Liar By: Selena Gomez

Say what you want about her voice, Selena Gomez knows how to put out a good song. This song is a really cool departure for Ms. Gomez and I really dig it. Its a light, melodic, semi-strangely delivered pop song and it gets a thumbs up from me 👍

Let My Baby Stay By: Amandla Stenberg

I wasn’t aware that Amandla was a singer and I’m still not sure whether this song is evidence of a career move or just to promote her new movie (because this song is featured on the soundtrack for it) but Amandla is a cool girl and she played Rue in The Hunger Games, so when I saw this song in my suggestions on YouTube I was willing to give it a chance. Plus, the thumbnail for the video looked too interesting to pass up.

The song is understated and vibey, Amandla sounds good on it, and the video is super rad and is makes me think of some kind of dark-neon, Windows ’95 purgatory. . . so it’s worth a listen and a watch!

Meet Me in the Hallway By: Harry Styles

I mentioned in my April Playlist post that I was so ready for this album, but honestly, was I?

I’m not gonna lie, It took me a few listens to get into Sign Of The Times when it first came out but this album was way better than I expected and had me fully on board from the first listen. A lot of people tried to come for this album after it came out and called it boring, yada yada yada. Not everything is about base drops people!

Meet Me in the Hallway is a great example of what this album does best, simple, interesting, lyrical music that just feels good to listen to.

Fake Happy By: Paramore

Here we have another song from After Laughter. Don’t let the mellow intro fool you, Fake Happy is a enjoyable, upbeat alt-pop-retro-eom-rock-punk hybrid that will probably make you dance and think at the same time. It’s a little HAIM-ish in vibe at times, which is actually something that can be heard in various moments throughout the album, which is cool cause HAIM’s sound is something I really enjoy as well.

Malibu By: Miley Cyrus

Yay Miley!

As a kid raised on Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes and I love this version of her. Malibu is a great, dreamy pop song for summer and you should really just listen to it.

26 By: Paramore

I think this song is my favorite off of the album. Its message really resonates with me and Hayley sounds so angelic in it. Overall, the song is just beautiful and if for some reason you decide not to listen to the song, let my just leave you with the lyrics of the chorus:

“Hold onto hope if you’ve got it.

Don’t let it go for nobody.

They say that dreaming is free.

I wouldn’t care what it cost me.”

Dust (What I Know) By: Downtown Sasquatch (from Degrassi: The Next Generation)

Okay so this isn’t really a part of the playlist but I’ve been re-watching Degrassi lately and I forgot about this quintessential 2003 angsty-teen relationship song and wanted to included it for fun.

“Whatever It Takes. . .”


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