Runway Wrap-Up: 2018 Resort Collections

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to talk about Fashion Week with you guys so I’m so excited to be bringing you guys this post about 2018 Resort collections!

The collections so far have been SO GOOD and I think this might even be my favorite “season” from the 2017 Fashion Week calendar. I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the amount of collections that I was in love with either the collection as a whole or a good chunk of the looks from it. I easily could’ve picked at least four strong looks from every collection, but that would’ve been a mile long post, so I decided to stick to the collections that I thought were the very best of the bunch*. . . which still ended up being a lot.

Anyway, you’ve heard enough of me talking about how much I enjoyed looking at the 2018 Resort collections, let’s start talking about clothes!


I loved the Greek goddess vibe of this collection, and all the coats worn as dresses which, if you ask me, is the best way to wear a coat. But I especially loved all the jewelry and the bathing suit and flowy kimono-like-coverup combos. This collection is very The Hunger Games meets glamour meets gladiator. View full collection.


Favorite look: white bathing suit with sheer robe

Christian Dior

There were some parts of this collection that I couldn’t get behind which almost knocked it off my list, but then there were some looks that were SO GOOD that I just couldn’t not feature this collection in this post. I love that little plaid dress in the first look and the combination of those big, buckled boots and the bejeweled fringe dress. Those colorful, embroidered dresses towards the end of the collection are just stunning, so stunning that I don’t even mind the neck straps on all those hats! View full collection.


Favorite look: gingham dress and knit cape

Coach 1941

Coach did some really great things with denim in this collection, and since I think there can never be too much denim, it’s right up my alley. I absolutely LOVE that denim shirt and jacket combo. Actually all the jackets in this collection are so freaking cute, especially that metallic orange one. SWOON. And that black slip dress is just so very me. “Me” is not something I always see in Coach, so I’m very happy that our on-again, off-again relationship is on this season. View full collection.


Favorite look: metallic, orange jacket and jeans

Dion Lee

This is is a really really simple collection, but I just liked he color story and fabric choice. If I’m being real, I just really love that oversized, pinstripe windbreaker jacket dress thing and I wouldn’t feel right making this post without including it. View full collection.


Favorite look: oversized, pinstripe hoodie


This collection is so good. It has so many cute miniskirts which are PERFECT for summer. I mean, HELLO do you see that yellow tartan skirt and the pink tweed one? Can you say Clueless vibes? And I’m so on board with this powder pink leather vibe. Yes. Sign me up please! View full collection.


Favorite look: black tank top and pink, leather skirt


This collection does sleepwear soooo well. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still not over the sleepwear for daytime trend, maybe because it so effortlessly combines two things I love: comfort and silky fabrics. This collection is crisp and clean and I can just imagine wearing them, hair blowing in the wind, sipping champagne, on a balcony, at sunset, somewhere in Greece. . .emphasis on imaging. View full collection.


Favorite look: silver co-ord set


THIS COLLECTION! This has to be my favorite collection of the bunch. The color choice is PERFECT, I can’t get over that pink coat, and the shoes, the shoes, THE SHOES!! Seriously, go check out the full collection, it’s a bubblegum badass gal’s dream. View full collection.


Favorite look: pink, plaid coat and tan boots

Just Cavalli

Actually, this collection has to be ties with Fendi’s for my favorite collection. I absolutely LOVE the way it was styled and there are some seriously incredible shoes in this collection (can you tell how important shoes are to me?) and they’re giving me heart eyes. I need everything from this collection and I need it NOW (even some of the men’s items, I mean, that pink bomber jacket. . .come on)! View full collection.


Favorite look: snake skin mini dress

Marissa Webb

This collection is so soo good. I love the way it plays with silhouettes and ruffles. And this collection has some of the most beautiful trousers I’ve ever seen. I’m usually not a fan of the paper bag waist style, but something about it’s combination with the cigarette hem and off shoulder tops really has me feeling it. This whole collection feels vibrant and tropical and like what I would pack if I were going on safari in some dream world. View full collection.


Favorite look: white top and blue, pinstripe pants


I love the metallic beading in this collection! That combined with the dreamy pastels and sheer layers makes this collection so light and airy and happy. It’s cotton candy school girl meets 20s flapper meets high fashion and it’s a weird but wonderful mix. View full collection.


Favorite look:  white, pink, and peach shirt dress

Rebecca Minkoff

Actually actually, this collection also ties with Fendi and Just Cavalli for my favorite collection. The color palette. YES. The styling. Yes. The ~vibes~. YES. THAT PINK COAT. YES. The only complaints I have with this collection is that it’s too small and not being shipped to me immediately. View full collection.


Favorite look: big, pink coat

Romance Was Born

This collection is a whimsical, colorful masterpiece. It’s like if Lisa Frank grew up and started working with jewel tones instead (which I am not advocating for because Lisa Frank should always be bright, bold rainbow). You can tell that this collection is all about having fun, with rainbow fringe and colorful space prints that make me think of Miss Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus and, I mean, fun is what vacations are all about, right? View full collection.


Favorite look: ankle length, rainbow dress

Sally LaPointe

As soon as I saw the first look of this collection, the one with the silver dress, bomber jacket, and thigh high boots, I knew this was going to be A COLLECTION. And I was not wrong. This collection combines two of my favorite things, metallics and killer boots, and it does it oh so well. Give me some super shiny future fabrics and 90s style oversized jackets and I’m a happy girl. Thanks Sally! View full collection. 


Favorite look: striped co-ord set and thigh high boots


THOSE. BLACK. PANTS. ARE. EVERYTHING. That and both of those powder blue ensembles are going to be engrained in my mind for a while. I like the bold colors and simplicity of this collection, which has been a common theme among a lot of these 2018 Resort collections 🤔 Either way, I still really like this collection. View full collection.


Favorite look: white top and black pants with lace up detail

Veronica Beard

Spencer Hastings anyone? This whole collection reminds me of those movies about teenage girls and their antics at a private school in some tucked away foresty area where it’s perpetually fall and they all wear riding pants even when they’re not horseback riding. Yeah, it’s very that and I’m not mad about it. View full collection.


Favorite look: white, ruffled sweater and metallic skirt

Versus Versace

Cool cool cool. This collection is so effortlessly cool. Like not-even-trying-it-just-runs-in-my-blood type cool. I absolutely LOVE those heels and the way they’ve been paired with those sleek black socks. The mixture of pastels and edgy pieces is really. . .well. . cool! I don’t really think much else needs to be said here. View full collection.


Favorite look: purple, cropped sweater and high waisted, silver skirt

*currently, as I finish this blog post, Resort collections are still being unveiled but I just couldn’t wait any longer to get this post out to you guys to see what your opinions are! So, I decided to just post my favorites of some of the collections that have already been shown . . . but i definitely suggest you check out some of the other collections online because there are A LOT of gems out there  ☺️


4 thoughts on “Runway Wrap-Up: 2018 Resort Collections

  1. Ella May Garrett says:

    Oh this was such a great post! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all together! I have never heard of MARISSA WEBB and I am totally obsessed – the stuff is just stunning. I love, like you said, the ruffles and silhouettes – so amazing xx

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