Style Bible | Fran Fine

After taking a week off while I was on vacation and having to suffer through a few days without internet once I got home, I’m back again with a brand new blog post!the-nanny-hq-

Along with reviving some of my previous *cough cough* seemingly abandoned series this summer, I wanted to come up with a brand new kind of post that would be fun for me to write and fun for you guys to read. After all, that is the whole goal here, that we both enjoy what’s going on in Christy Explains It All Land.

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is send each other pictures of our favorite celebrities giving LOOKS. Me and my friend Jordan are constantly sending each other pictures through Instagram of our favorite singers and pointing out how good they look to each other . . . and basically just praising their fashion and beauty choices. So I thought it would be really fun to share that stuff with you guys and talk about my personal style icons here on my blog.

So here it is, my very first Style Bible post! *WOO* And I thought what better way to start off this series than with the 90s fashion goddess herself, Fran Fine.

The Fashion Icon That Is Fran Fine

my first and forever fashion icon

For those of you who don’t know, Fran Fine is the main character of the ultimate 90s sitcom, the legendary The Nanny (which, if you’ve never seen before, please do yourself a favor and find some place to watch it because, oh man, it’s golden for so many reasons and it will improve your life).


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with Fran, the show, and Fran’s style. Her classic combo of a black turtle neck and black tights with a pencil skirt or under a sleeveless dress is an iconic look in my family’s household and Fran’s character will always be my first and forever fashion icon.


What I absolutely love about Fran’s style is it’s ability to capture both her crazy, fun-loving personality and yet still be chic and fashion forward. (I mean, she even made crazy bathrobes look effortlessly stylish.) Some people could probably consider her style to be tacky, but those people are boring and probably C.C.’s, and nobody wants to be a C.C.

She also wore so much Moschino which just makes me so, so happy 💕


Of course, now that I’m older I know that Fran wasn’t actually dressing herself on the show and that somebody had the dream job of doing all this shopping! So I’ve gotta give big props to Brenda Cooper, costume supervisor on The Nanny, aka the lady that made it all happen and indirectly probably made me who I am today. Thanks Brenda! *waves*

Get The Look

Fran is the queen of eccentric 90s style, so her look is actually pretty easy to get because her signature style is on trend right now. Her black turtleneck and black tights are staples that will never go out of style, and oversized coats, patterned pencil skirts, oval sunglasses, and colorful, Moschino-esque accessories are everywhere right now and totally a page pulled right from the Fran book of fashion.

clothing items inspired by fran fine from the nanny


We Love Ya, Fran

Fran’s character is the perfect combination of beauty, humor, confidence, and flawed charm all combined with some killer style, so she’s pretty much the best character to ever be on television. Hopefully this post inspired you to watch The Nanny and convinced you that Fran’s wardrobe is the style inspo of style inspos.

For more fashion inspo from the holy grail, Fran’s wardrobe, follow my Pinterest board dedicated to the Queen herself. Also check out one of my FAVORITE Instagram accounts, @whatfranwore, to see EVEN MORE Fran Fine fashion and learn the designers behind all her looks!


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