I Got Sunshine: My July Moodboard

Okay, so it’s a little bit later than my usual monthly moodboards, but better late than never, right?

July kind of took me by surprise. As in it came way quicker than I expected. I feel like I’ve said that every month this year. . .but it’s true! I swear, the older you get the faster the time flies, which is. . .great. . .Β πŸ˜’

But anyway! Let’s get into that moodboard!

a monthly mood board featuring pictures in bright and muted yellow

July is peak summer so what better color to pair with the sun than bright yellow? I can totally see this color paired with bright white (like maybe that yellow top under that overall dress on my wishlist) for a really cool and crisp summer look. I just feel like you’d probably attract some butterflies and probably feel like a summer goddess in this hue.

July Mini Wishlist


July Soundtrack

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