Antique Shop Jewelry Haul

Recently, my family and I went to a cute little Christmas event in my hometown. They had a bunch of activities for kids, but if you’re over the age of 12, the main draw was the shopping. The streets are lined with antique shops, so that’s where my family and I spent most of our time, rummaging through old dishware, home decor, and prized possessions from people’s past.

One of the shops we popped into was two stories and an actual labyrinth. Seriously, I got lost at least twice in the what seemed like endless rooms of this antique shop. Anything you could imagine, there was a room dedicated to it. Hallways filled with books and picture frames, closets with piles of hats or toys, and rooms packed to the brim with plates. Seriously, everything you could ever want was there, and in excess.

My favorite room was, of course, the jewelry room. It was a shining cave covered in earrings, bracelets, and oversized perfume bottles. Much to my surprise, most of the things were shockingly cheap, I’m talking $3 and $4 cheap, which was both a blessing and a curse. I mean, I’m pretty sure all of this stuff wasn’t vintage or antique, especially the earrings, because there’s no way it would’ve come so cheap. I don’t know where it all came from, and I really don’t care, because I was in heaven anyway.

I ended up having to cut myself off, you know, so I didn’t spend all of my money, but not before deciding to pick up a few things for myself.

The first thing I spotted when I walked into the store, before I even made it to the glorious jewelry department, was this chain necklace with star pendants.  I love how the metal is slightly matte, and how huge these star pendants are. This necklace would look so good with a plain white tee and some high-waisted jeans.

I think my favorite thing that I bought was this rhinestone “diva” broach. I half bought it because I think it’s hilarious, and I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with it yet, but at only $4 I couldn’t not take it home with me.


Last, but not least, I treated myself to some earrings. One thing I loved about their earring selection was that, even though they must’ve had hundreds of pairs, no two were alike. It really made the hunt that much more fun, and it made me feel like I was getting something totally unique when I found a pair I liked.

The first pair that caught my eye were these gold hoops with this little garland detail. I love hoop earrings, and I’ve never seen anything quite like these before, so I was instantly drawn to them and knew I had to buy them. I imagine these earrings being the focal point of a really simple outfit, or a dainty element for something a little more bold and edgy.


The next pair I chose where these little rhinestone guys. They’re art deco reminiscent to me, and I love the fact that they have two different sizes or rhinestones. These earrings are the perfect compromise between simple studs and statement earrings and will 100% look good with just about anything.


Last, but not least, I picked up these dangly pearl earrings. I love the way the gold and the pearl look together, and they’re an interesting take on a classic staple accessory. I can totally picture these looking so cute with a high ponytail. The string of pearls that dangles down from the stud is actually detachable, so you could also wear these earrings just as simple studs. I probably won’t do that, but still, gotta love having the option.


I’d never thought of an antique shop as a place to get cool jewelry from, but something tells me that my most recent shopping trip there definitely won’t be my last.



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