Beauty Files: Kehlani Is An Underrated Beauty Icon

You might know Kehlani for her music (and if you don’t, you should), and her super smooth voice, but if you take a quick scroll down her Instagram, you’ll see that Kehlani actually kills the beauty game. She is never afraid to experiment with her appearance and is constantly serving different beauty looks. Serisouly, one trip over to her Instagram and you will see such a wide variety of hair and makeup looks. You can really tell that Kehlani totally sees all things beauty as a form of self expression, and uses makeup and hair as an extension of her personality, mood, and the art that she creates.

It’s inspiring to see a young woman be so confident and fearless with her appearance, and there’s definitely some major beauty inspo to be pulled from Miss Kehlani. Because, not only is she all for taking risks and switching it up with her hair and makeup, but it always pays off, proving that she’s got good taste in music and beauty (we love a multifaceted woman). And as if her having impeccable taste when it comes to her beauty game wasn’t impressive enough, Kehlani is actually low-key a makeup artist in her own right and has created some stunning looks all by herself.

And if you still need some convincing that the title of this blog post is true (it’s a bold statement, I know), here are seven times that Kehlani proved she was an underrated beauty icon.

1. When she was the queen of flawless, glowing skin and a soft, bronzy eye, and had the most perfect messy bun and baby hair combo around.


2. When she matched her eye shadow with her hair, and added some white eyeliner just for fun.


3. Speaking of eyeliner, when she rocked this light blue eyeliner from her Makeup Forever Collab (!!!) in an eye look that actually changed my life.


4. When she wore this gorgeous pink and orange eyeshadow and braided her hair into a mermaid masterpiece.


5. When she did her own hair and make up and recreated the above look in cool tones for her single cover (again, !!!).


6. When she focused on her lips and did a fresh faced look with this gorgeous berry lip color that totally popped against her green sweatshirt and plaid pants.


7. When she looked like a ’90s dream with this super glossy lip and some dark lip liner and, of course, the most perfect set of space buns ever.


By this point, you should be fully convinced of Kehlani’s beauty prowess, because, well, the proof is all there. She clearly knows what she’s doing, and even though she does use one for big events, she totally doesn’t even need a makeup artist. And I think everyone could steal a thing or two from at least one of her looks.

The only thing left to say is, case closed. Kehlani is, indeed, a beauty icon and she deserves your attention!



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