Okay, so before I introduce myself I think I should come clean to you about something. I can’t explain it all.

Hi, my name is Christy and I’m 23 and living in Texas. I started this blog as a place to catalog my life and interests and to collect all the thoughts that I have along the way. I’m gonna write about things I like and I might write about things that bug me but I’m definitely gonna write about things that make me happy. Basically, I’m gonna post about whatever I want. I hope you’ll be cool with that.

Back to the whole Christy-Explains-It-All thing. I just told you that I won’t, in fact, be explaining it all, so you’re probably wondering what I actually will be explaining. That’s a great question and, well, I guess we’ll both just have to stick around to find out. But until then, I will be explaining what it’s like to live in this lil ol’ brain of mine and all the thoughts I’ve got rolling around in my head.


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